Oh damn…

Sorry for the extended hiatus. I got a new phone and my log in information didn’t transfer over, then I was too lazy to reset my password but some shit happened yesterday and I had to tell y’all about it.

It’s been kinda cold in Baton Rouge. My tire pressure light went on when it got cold. I didn’t think anything of it since it will come on when the weather changes drastically. It never went off. I put it on my mind to go to Firestone to get it checked but after work, I just wanted to go home so I kept putting it off. I never went.

Yesterday, I worked from home but had to bring something to my mom at work. I got in my car and noticed I kept hitting pot holes. I kept thinking I don’t see any on the ground, maybe I’m dragging something. So I pull up to work and my mom comes out. I pull off and I realize that my MF tire is flat. It was sooo embarrassing driving down the road at 12noon (lunchtime in downtown = lots of pedestrians) with everyone trying to figure out what that noise was.

So I pull into Matherne’s (a grocery store & deli downtown). I call Firestone for a quote. They were too high. I called Walmart. They were half the price including the road size hazard protection. I called Roadside Assistance to change my tire. Then I informed my mom, Dad and my close friends. Then I waited.

The plan was to drop off something at work, then meet my old coworker at a hotel I used to work. I texted my coworker what happened and she met me at Matherne’s. Outside of Facebook, I hadn’t seen her in 3 years (when I moved to Dallas). So we were catching up and gossiping about how they hadn’t found a replacement for me since May 2014.

Then I notice a familiar car. I couldn’t wave it down in time. So, I decided to text.

That’s it. “Oh damn.”

*Mama, Dad, Grandma: you may want to stop reading*

This is a guy I’ve been messing around with off & on for a couple months. And all I got was an “oh damn” after I tell him my tire is flat. Dassit. Shit hit me like a ton of bricks.

I couldn’t dwell on that in that moment. I had to “adult.” So the guy from Roadside Assistance changes my tire and I head straight to Walmart to get a new tire. $93 later and I’m back like I almost didn’t have a blowout. 😎

So after I get home and settled, I decided to tackle this because it was STILL on my mind.

I started to reply “you didn’t offer to change it or see if I was okay. Why tf do you care?” But I didn’t, I tried to remain calm…

So not only did I get an “oh damn” but get this… I would have got a wave 👋🏽 if he did see me (even though I’m sure he saw my fat ass anyway – kinda hard to miss).

I wasn’t expecting him to change my tire in work clothes even though some/most men would/should have. I just expected more than a hypothetical wave.

I said all that to say – make sure you ain’t fucking nobody you can’t depend on in an emergency.

This is not a Sprinkle of Jesus post; because sometimes all you want is that D. This is a make sure even though you’re getting yours, you’re actually getting yours post. Yea, he may be putting it down but if you have a flat tire, dead battery, etc. – but let’s be honest, can he really “come” through?

In this case, he didn’t so…

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