Should transgender people tell you if you’re dating them. 


This is how the conversation should go: “My name is John. I’m 25. I’m a Virgo. My favorite color is blue. I was born a woman.” 

Jkjk but for real tho… That’s one of the FIRST things you need to tell me. Especially if we are communicating daily trying to work towards a committed relationship. 

Idc. Idc. 

So by now you’ve heard about comedian Lil Duval said about dating someone who is trans. You can listen to the interview yourself but what I got from it – was that not disclosing your assigned birth gender is how people get killed. 

I’m not going to do anything that will land me in prison but I understand how he feels. Because that is not right. It’s lying. It’s deceiving. 
Just imagine the situation. You’re a male (still identifying with the gender you were assigned at birth). You see this beautiful woman, very well put together. Y’all converse often about so many things. Go on a few dates. Establish monagomy. Then the time comes to have sex. And she pulls her pants down. And has a penis. 

Imagine the deception. I AM IN NO WAY CONDONING THE MURDER OF ANY HUMAN!!!!! I’m sure it has to be humiliating for both parties involved. 

Just like if you have a incurable STD and you are about to engage in sexual relations with that person. You should disclose that information upfront as well. They need to know that you were assigned a different gender a birth based on your genitalia. 

Who knows, that person may not leave. But don’t make the decision for them. Let them choose. 

Someone asked me if somebody who I was involved  told me they were transgender, would that change anything? It changes everything, for me. 

Let’s be honest. I am not homophobic. I am not afraid of transgender people. I encourage people to live in their truth, whatever it may be – long as you are happy. I don’t care what restroom anyone may use. Hell I use the men’s restroom sometimes if the women’s line is too long or dirty. I just don’t want to be dating a man and then I find out they were born a woman. 

I am attracted to men with a penis.  That’s my preference. You can’t be mad at someone for who they are attracted to. 

Just don’t lie or not disclose the full truth to them, if you are involving yourself with them sexually. That’s all. 

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