I was a special guest on #TheHotSpotPodcast 

Hey guys! This past Tuesday I was a special guest on a podcast! The link is below! It was soooooooo much fun! It really got my wheels spinning. I’m really thinking about starting one. But I really hate the way my voice sounds on a recording! 
Anyway… enough about me! Let’s get into the draft! 
We did a TV draft! If y’all have read previous posts then you know I love to watch TV. So I was really excited! We had different categories and had to pick a show from each genre. Mine was kind of all over the place but that’s really what goes on in my mind. It’s all over the place. 
Here’s the link to the podcast! Listen and be sure to vote for me! Everyone who did the draft had really good shows so I know it might be hard to pick someone other than me! 
Be sure to follow Myron and Cash on IG @ispeakthatreal @themindofmyron @thehotspotpodcast @cashhmonet_ 

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