She does it again! 

Y’all. Why does Bey always catch us slipping?! She’s always announcing something when we least expect it. 

She dropped the video album Beyoncé in the middle of the night. She dropped the Formation video when I was deep sleep during a Saturday afternoon nap. She announced the twins’ names and picture in the middle of the night. She stays breaking da innanets. 

And… I’m here for it. All of it. 

Any time Beyoncé posts a picture, makes an announcement, breathes or does anything – it’s all over your social media. Between ShadeRoom, BallerAlert, other “Tea” pages and fans reposting pictures – if you say you didn’t hear about it then you are lame. 

And you can’t help but love it, or love to hate it. Like the people who “don’t care” but make a post telling everyone how much they don’t care. Who hurt you? Why you so mad? 

News broke a few weeks ago that a trademark was in process for the names Sir and Rumi. (I wonder if it’s Roomie or Rum-ee?) Now, I wouldn’t name my child that but that’s what she chose to name her babies. So let her live. Plus, y’all name y’all kids anything. I just saw a birthday party invitation for a kid name Da’Legend and his brother Damazin’ –  I bet Da resumé would get tossed right in the trash. But you mad about Blue, Sir & Rumi… GTF.
People are also saying how Bey may have had surgery. And if she did, let’s be honest – she can do just that. Hell I’d like some surgery now. I’m sick of eating eggs😉, spinach, brown rice and salmon everyday to only lose and gain the weight right back. So if she carried two humans in her uterus and wants to have a lil nip and tuck – go right ahead. She’s not asking you to buy nare pamper or wipe. 
But I don’t think she did. She was in great shape before the pregnancy. I mean sis was performing 2+ hour concerts in heels almost daily before and I’m sure she was using the Stretch Mark elimination Cocoa Butter, and I’m sure the picture was retouched. So if you combine that along with breastfeeding (or pumping) for twins, a SnapBack is possible. 

So, I leave you with – let people celebrate birth, life and happiness. And if they aren’t – let em go! 

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