Nothing popped off at the pop up shop! 

This episode of RHOA was pretty boring. But in a good way! 

The last few episodes were full of drama and tea about homes, divorces, abusive lovers and folks worried about who slept with whom. I’m thankful for the breath of fresh air with the pop up shop for the Flint Water Crisis proceeds. It really was great to see them gather together for a great cause. 

I’ll just skip right to the pop up shop scene because the beginning was boring. Cynthia said goodbye to her house. Kandi restaurant still not open. Kenya still sad about breaking up with crazy Matt. Same ole problems 😂 

Why was everyone tripping about 50% of the proceeds going towards the charity? Can’t you just write that off on your taxes? I’m not sure how that works but yea… 

Kenya only contributed $450 towards the charity. Then wanted to act like she was all busy. I’m sure that big ass picture of herself cost more than the profit she brought in. 

Seems like Ayden’s snacks brought in a bigger profit than the beauty queen’s hairline. Newsflash: Nobody wants to buy them products. I’ve never seen an Instagram ad or post about her products. I forgot she even had that business venture. 

And.. People want weave. It’s IN now. Sure, some women prefer their natural hair. But I live in Louisiana where humidity is always present. It’s just easier to wear weave. You can have healthy hair under your bundles (Toya Wright, Blac Chyna). How can Kenya even fix her mouth to say that people want natural hair when she stays wearing weave? Smh… 

Why did nobody tell Apollo’s mama and stepdad they were gonna be on tv?! The step dad had stains all on his shirt. And his mama had on a “house” dress. It was heartwarming to see Ayden interact with his grandparents. And nice to know what Phaedra and his mom are close. I believe a few seasons ago, Apollo mentioned his mom and said he was still holding on to a few things about his upbringing and how his mother raised him. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. 

I’m glad that the ladies decided to give more than their original contributions to the charity. They must have talked to their accountants. 

On to the only drama on that episode… Kenya vs Marlo. I’m no stranger to people getting in their feelings about not being invited to special events. 

When you’re close to someone, you see them often, work out with them, shared your birthday with them, have their number saved, gone on trips with them, etc. then you see pictures/videos from their birthday on social media and you’re at home with a bonnet on – I’m not gonna lie, it hurts. 

But at the same time, nobody is obligated to invite you anywhere or share information/events with you or anyone they don’t want. And as a grown person – you can do a few things. 

1) Accept it and move on. Be like okay whatever fxck it and still maintain a relationship with them. 

2) Distance yourself from them. It ain’t nothing to cut that bxtch off! 

3) Ask them about it. This is not suggested. Because people will lie then you will get mad because they lied. So I suggest either 1 or 2. 

That’s all I got for y’all. I think next episode will have more for me to pull from. 

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