First to Brunch at Boil & Roux

If you didn’t know, today is January 15th! The day that the first black sorority was founded! On this day in 1908, in Miner Hall on the campus of Howard University, ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA was created! 

Ethel Hedgeman (Lyle) and eight others formed this amazing organization as college students. Nellie Quander ensured our perpetuity by incorporating the sorority in 1913. I’m blessed and humbled to be an active member in this sorority! 

Members of this great sorority have gone on to be the first of many things. Most recently, you may recall the three Alpha Kappa Alpha women featured in the #1 movie Hidden Figures. Kamala Harris became the first Indian American to serve in the US Senate, in the November election. Just to name a few! 

And today, 109 years later – we were the FIRST ever to “brunch” at Boil & Roux! After church today, my graduate chapter celebrated at the local restaurant (in Baton Rouge, LA) Boil & Roux. 

Before looking to find my entrée, my eyes immediately found the drink menu and the Strawberry Lemonade Mimosa jumped out at me! It was great! I had 3 of them. Don’t judge me! It had homemade lemonade in it, as well as vodka and champagne. 

The food was AMAZING!!!! I ordered the chicken & waffles! The chicken was seasoned to perfection and was very crispy on the outside yet juicy and moist on the inside! The Waffle had a hint of cinnamon in it and was soft. I really didn’t even need to add syrup. 

I almost ordered the seafood omelette which had crawfish, shrimp and andouille sausage in it. I’ll have to get that next time I go!

My neo ordered the Lobster & Waffle and I may have to go back and get that one. I forgot to take a picture of mine because I wasn’t myself. I needed a snickers. But doesn’t look amazing?! 

The only thing I wish they had but didn’t were unlimited mimosas! 

Boil & Roux is located at 11777 Coursey Blvd Baton Rouge, LA 70816. Brunch is served on Sundays from 11am until 3pm. Make sure you go next Sunday and tell them that Bre sent you! 

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