Are they married or nah???? 

Okay there seems to be a lot of debates of whether Yandy and Mendeecee(s) are married for real or not…

On the most recent episodes of LHHNY, she announced that they are not in a partnership with the government. Reason being, she ain’t want her coins to be affected having to pay restitution to the government. 

But she did say they have a partnership with God. How can bless your imaginary marriage when you don’t want to marry him because you don’t want to pay his restitution. What happened to for better or worse? Y’all already starting off bad… He back in jail for selling and distributing drugs and you not sharing money. 

What do y’all think? Is there marriage for real? 

I say HELL NO. It’s not legal. The whole point of marriage is for the government and God to be on the same page. Because now, if they were to “divorce” – it really wouldn’t be much of one. Because there are no assets to divide, no spousal support, no alimony, no nuftin.  She doesn’t even have to change her name. I saw this on someone else’s page – they ain’t even have no wedding, just a promise ring party. 

In reality, Yandy is just #1 Baby Mama. She has no rights as a wife in the eyes of Uncle Sam. Her last name is the same. She can’t make medical decisions. She can’t do nuftin. If that’s the case, I could go be married to anybody. See a nice looking guy walking down the street, he’s my husband. 

So let me know how y’all feel… 

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