Kandi vs Phaedra 

Okay by now, I’m sure most of us have watched last night’s (01/01/17) episode of RHOA. If you haven’t seen it yet and you are one those people who get upset when folks post about television shows/episodes that you haven’t seen yet on social media, then come back after you’ve watched it. 

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty! I’m not even going to discuss Cynthia’s miserable ass maw. I’ll get into Joyce’s disrespectful self in a few. But right now, I want discuss Miss Kandi vs Miss Phaedra. 

There’s a quote that goes something like “if your friend starts exposing you when y’all fall out then they never were your friend.” Those aren’t the exact words but it’s the same concept. 

This is the exact situation that is happening with Kandi and Phaedra. It’s a really sucky situation. To have someone who you confided in just go out and blast you. Whether Phaedra was with Mr. Chocolate or not, it wasn’t Kandi’s place to go and tell everybody on “national television” (I’ve always wanted to type that). 

Trust me, I’ve been there. I had a “friend” who tried to slander my name all on twitter over my then boyfriend who unbeknownst to me, she liked in the past. I ended up having to change my number, break up with him, move from my apartment because she was crazy obsessed texting and calling from random numbers. The sad part is while she was running my business back to him and on twitter, she had a fiancé. Well I guess.. she posted a picture of a crackerjack box ring on ashy hands and chipped finger nail polish. But that’s neither here nor there and this blog ain’t eem much about me. So anyway…

I haven’t liked Kandi for a few seasons now. Let’s be honest, she’s fake. That’s why she didn’t like Nene. Nene would call Kandi out, Kandi would start that ugly ass cry and Nene would say “okay well what do you want me to do about it?”

Up until this season, she’s had soooo much to say about everything and everybody in the confessional but when confronted, she’s quiet as a church mouse or she says something childish like “they were talking about my mama” – like Joyce hasn’t called everybody on the show a name. 

I’m sure you can recall Kandi saying that she can’t control what her mother says because she’s her own person; but you often see them cosigning on certain issues. Kandi let her mom throw a shoe and attempt to fight her homemade thug over mess she heard from “people in the streets” and also let her disrespect her then fiancé (Todd). Kandi just sits back and says “that’s my mom.” At the end of the day, you not gonna suck your mama dick – so there’s that. 

The one time she does stop her mom from acting the fool, it’s when Joyce was trying to approach Phaedra about her divorce situation. Kandi knows her wrongdoing in whole Phaedra and Apollo divorce ordeal. What kind of friend are you to allow her (soon to be ex) husband’s belongings that he’s hiding from the Feds in your garage. I know you got to protect your marriage since I’m sure Apollo asked Todd and not you. Why couldn’t he go rent a storage unit or something? Like the rich Caucasians do during divorces… 

The other time Kandi stopped her mom from going off is when they were in the car talking to Block on speakerphone. Joyce was ready to go in and Kandi shut that down. So Kandi can control her mom, she just chooses not to. Seems like she only stops her mom from the shenanigans when she knows the other person has something on her. 

Also…. How true is it that when Kandi got pregnant, she was Block’s side piece when he was married? I read that in one of the comments from an Instagram post. So if it is true, it in no way, shape or form excuses his behavior and lack of involvement in Riley’s life but it does explain A LOT. That’s why he didn’t want to be involved from jump… That’s why Kandi stopped her mom from going off. 

I could go on and on and on about who’s right and who’s wrong but the point I’m trying to make is… whether or not your friend was sad about her husband going to jail, was tasting milk (or dark) chocolate while he is making papier-mâché engagement rings for another heaux – it’s not your place to go around telling folks she was. That’s an ultimate violation of #girlcode. 

Andplusalso, whats the point? Why is somebody else’s vagina so important to you? 

So who’s side are you on? #TeamKandi or #TeamPhaedra

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