My Year was…

My Year in Review 

January – 2016 began with me stressed and depressed. At the end of 2015, I failed my first attempt at the Series 6 exam I needed to pass in order to keep my position at work. I studied for 4 hours everyday. // I also got a relaxer! I had been natural since October 2013 and I finally got a relaxer. I just couldn’t do the natural anymore. 

February – I failed my second and final attempt of the test. Most people get 3 chances and 180 days to take it but I waited too long to take the first test so my time ran out. Failing this test was a blow to my confidence and just was an all around sucky situation. I only had 30 days to secure another position within the company or be let go. // In a sense, failing the test had me feeling free. It was over. I didn’t have to study anymore or be stressed with it. I could focus on my workouts and meal prep. 

March – on the 17th, I visited my grandfather in the hospital and in the parking garage someone hit my car. They provided what seemed to be valid insurance paperwork. At this point, I didn’t know if I would have a job and I had a wrecked car. // I interviewed and was offered a new position at the company I worked!! I could finally relax and not have anxiety attacks about how I would pay my bills. I’m pretty sure I suffer from anxiety because I would imagine me being evicted or on the street with a sign because I didn’t have a job. 

April – I found out the driver who hit my car did NOT have insurance. I ended up having to file with my insurance company since I have uninsured motorists on my policy, THANK GOD FOR FULL COVERAGE. // I began to plan my birthday in true Bre fashion!!

May – I celebrated my 26th birthday in true Bre fashion. I started off with a Twerk party for my girlfriends, had brunch with family and friends, turned alllllllll the way up at Gators. // I found out that my car was declared a total loss and my rental car would expire in 10 days. Thankful to my Dallas Phrat brothers (Ben & Cousin) who helped me and answered all of my questions while I purchased my first car!!! If I annoyed them with my questions, they didn’t let me know it. And thanks to my trainer and his girlfriend for coming with me to purchase my car. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten a good deal on it without them there! // I started my new position and traveled to New Orleans for a surprise bachelorette weekend! 

June – my Mom’s sister lost her battle with ovarian cancer. My Sweet Sue. She loved me so much and I loved her. I remember the morning she passed, I couldn’t sleep. I was up until about 2am and if you know me – you know I’m in bed before 10. Later that morning when my mom called, she told me that Aunt Sue passed around 2am. That was her telling me goodbye. I miss her soooo much. She really was the glue that held our family together. If you watch KevOnStage videos, she was the “Head Auntie.”  

July – I got to participate in my friend’s wedding. I even caught the bouquet! // I went on my first boat ride and had the time of my life. // I went to my first Boulé in Atlanta! July was pretty lit, I can’t even lie. 

August – I started my blog the night before #TheFlood. I cut my hair off a few days later (not sure if that’s all related or not). I also stopped working out. This month I realized that even if you support people, they will not always support you. Call me petty or childish whatever, but I stopped going to my trainer in Dallas because he didn’t post my blog on his social media. I shouted him out in my blog and he didn’t even share the link. All the referrals, the money I spent paying him, the time, the Instagram and Facebook posts (every day in my memories, it’s his ass), I just was like fuck it. There were other events that occurred in addition to this but this one, was the straw on my camel’s back. 

September – I got a dog. Then gave her back. Scroll down for a previous post 😂 // I also began actively looking for a new job. I didn’t care what it was as long as I was not in a call center! I was determined to get my happy back. 

October – In the months since my new position (May), I began to hateeeee my job. I never called in so many times in my life. I was unhappy with my position, didn’t like my supervisor or my teammates. I didn’t talk to anyone at work. I ate lunch alone. I hated badging into the parking garage. I couldn’t eat at work and had daily migraines. I was literally SICK of work. Thennnnn… I interviewed for a job on Monday and was offered the job on Wednesday! I accepted! The job was in Louisiana! // My linesisters and I celebrated FIVE years at SUHC16 and it was pretty lit too!

November – I moved back home! Well behind my home! Since the flood, my parents and I are “displaced” in a FEMA trailer behind the house. When people become aware of my living situation, they are more shocked than I am. To move from Dallas in my own apartment to Baton Rouge in a trailer, with one bathroom, with my parents. Why? Because my aspiration in life is to be happy. I love my job and I enjoy working, now. I stay late almost everyday and have no complaints. I’m happy in my hometown closer to my cousins and my friends. I miss Kroger and “brunching” in Dallas but when you are unhappy with your job, it makes everything worse. 

December – did I mention I love my job? I’m so glad I moved back. Reconnecting with old friends, enjoying my job/ coworkers and just being Bre. One thing I learned from this year was to live your life for you. You are the one that has to go to bed and wake up with your decisions. 

All in all, 2016 was a great year. At the end of 2015, I created a vision board to focus on my goals for the year. To find my career that I love, lose weight, stay true to my friends and be happy were among some of them. I’d say I accomplished most of them. I love my job. I gained all of the weight I lost plus more, but hey… that’s what 2017 is for. I lost some people who I thought were close friends, gained new ones, rekindled old friendships and remained true to my circle. And I’m happy. There’s really no one to thank but God for blessing me when I didn’t deserve anything. I like to think I’m a better, stronger version of myself due to all the adulting I had to do this year. I can’t wait to see what 2017 holds! 


Also, my new job has some limitations on what I can and can’t post on social media. Once I’m more clear on that, I will be posting more. Thanks for reading. I love your support. 

3 thoughts on “My Year was…

  1. I had to laugh and smile at the same time. I can honestly relate with being fed up with your job and the sickening feeling it gave you. You attempted something new, failed but you kept going. Kudos to you!!! In the end you found your peace and happiness. More importantly, you rediscovered your true self.

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