Omg Amber Rose gets her 3 year old’s nails painted!

If you in haven’t heard about people talking about Amber Rose letting her 3 year old son, Sebastian get his nails painted then I’m sure you’ve been dealing with more pressing matters. 

In this video, you see the toddler at a nail salon getting his nails done. 

Everyone is all upset about it. 

While I wouldn’t let my 3 year old son get his nails painted (or get his ears pierced, but that’s another post), let people raise their kids how they see fit. 

Plus… how can you blame him?! His father gets his nails painted? And he’s a whole hoe outchea…. 

Nail polish is not going to make your son gay. Wearing pink isn’t. Maybe carrying a purse might… 

So what do y’all think? 

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