When is the wedding? 

Chile I know as of late, she is a non MF factor but when is she gonna get married?! I know she will be a beautiful bride. 

She’s been engaged since she was pregnant and the child is damn near about to graduate from kindergarten! 

Sidebar: Note to my future baby daddy, fiancé, husband – if you impregnate me before we are married… DO NOT PROPOSE TO ME WHILE I AM PREGNANT! That is just so tacky to me. I mean the deed is done. Might as well wait til you drop the baby to propose and get married. Andplusalso, I want to celebrate with alcohol! 

But anyways… I know she’s keeping everything with this new rich baseball player under wraps but I mean damn how long is the engagement going to be?

Let’s be honest… The whole purpose of engagement is to be married. I know money isn’t an issue, they already got a kid. So what is the hold up?! I mean just shacking is okay too. Look at Oprah and Steadman, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Brad and Angelina (before they got married). 

I was just scrolling through my lil instagram and this just popped up in my head. Whew glad I got off my chest. 

So what do y’all think? 

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