My brother was called a “tar baby” 

Last week, my mama called me and asked if I spoke to my brother. I said we’d texted but that’s all. She told me to check on him.  

I called him and asked if everything was okay. He asked why, I told him because Mom wanted me to check on you. He assured me that everything was okay. 

Then today, he posts this… 

He is soooooo much better than me. Whoever this professor is (he won’t tell me his name) needs to be fired. No questions asked. I’ve been told that he’s “handling” it. 

Although, I’m not sure what needs to be handled. The professor should not have a job. End of story. 

My brother and I are complete opposite when handling these types of issues. I pop off, then deal with the consequences of my actions later. He is less combative than me and looks at the bigger picture. 

So I’m sure there is some sort of investigation going on that will result in consequences and repercussions on the professor. All I know is, this racist professor should not have a job, effective immediately. 

There’s no excuse for this. 

7 thoughts on “My brother was called a “tar baby” 

  1. This is VERY distasteful to me because we send our kids to school to be educated NOT ridiculed!!! Whomever he is he need to be fired ASAP because this is unacceptable!! This sickens me that SOME Caucasians NOT all of them R this way feel as though they R far better than the African American race!! For one thing WE as a race work very HaRd for what we have & do as far as careers & education most of them R handed down their success from their parents grandparents etc… Some of the possessions that was likely stolen from an African Amercan (our ancestors/slaves) so I’m sure this professor was threatened by KJ’s wisdom knowledge & brightness!! This needs to be addressed with someone high up so this professor can be disciplined because this is TOTALLY UNACCPETABLE!!!

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  2. If your brother is concerned about his grade, please tell him he can still file a complaint after grades are posted. The important thing is to document the incident with an official at the school and if possible get witnesses to write letters of support. I’m a professor myself and am horrified by your brother’s experience, though I can’t say that I’m surprised given the open embrace of white supremacy right now. We have to hold these people accountable, and I know that might seem daunting for a college student but there is a strong chance the college will side with your brother. If not, there’s always social media shaming! But again, the key is to at least have it documented at this point with an official and then act on it after the semester ends (if your brother is worried about the grade). Best wishes to you both.

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