Rob and Chyna Recap

Rob and Chyna Episode 4 
Episode 4: Bonding and Bondage 

The episode begins with Tokyo Toni (Chyna’s mom) continuing her conversation with Rob about him stepping up to the plate and not flaking out so much on Chyna. 

Chyna and Rob fly back to DC. They play rock, paper, scissors to see if they have sex. Rob then admits, that they should have gotten to know each other better before getting engaged and pregnant. Kinda late for that huh?

So, Rob really has no other friends outside of Scott. Well, at this point. He just asked Scott if he wants to go for a hike. Scott says he has to work… where? 

Chyna takes the Love Language quiz. She sends it to Rob for him to take. 

Hers is love language is Acts of Service. This makes sense because she always gets upset when Rob doesn’t do stuff for her. 

Rob’s is Quality Time. This also makes sense because Rob likes to sit up in the house. 

I took it a while ago and mine was Acts of Service with Words of Affirmation right behind it. It’s actually a great list for two partners to take. 

Awwww Rob is making shrimp & grits which is one of Chyna’s favorite meals. Yassss that’s what I’m talking about. You better act on this service. #GetYouaRob 

Chyna doesn’t know any of Rob’s friends. That’s not a good thing. I know he’s a recluse but your partner should know some of your friends. 

Rob has locked Chyna out her house and has to knock. He’s planned this entire meal and date for her. Her son, King even helped. He’s so cute. Rob is still wearing that same damn black shirt and LA Dodgers hat. I know rich people stay rich by buying regular stuff but come on mannnnn!

Kris came over. You can tell that Chyna is kind of intimidated by her. Kris basically says that her best friend, Paige needs to move out. I had no idea she lived there. 

I don’t know if I could live with my best friend, her son and her fiancé. That means I gotta wear clothes and a bra allllll the time. I would have been moved out. 

So Rob’s friends have been texting him for years and he hasn’t been responding? Fuck that. I am not running behind nobody to be their friend. Why is he so ashamed? I’m fat and I have friends. Lots of fat people have friends. 

So I’m beginning to think Paige is an opportunist. Chyna said that when they first met in 2009, she met Paige and she was going through some things and she moved in. Now she won’t leave. She won’t take a hint. This might not end well…

Watching this, I think Chyna did get into her relationship with Rob for malicious reasons, at first. Just to fuck Rob and get back at Tyga and Kim. And then she accidentally got pregnant and fell in love. Because they really don’t know anything about each other. They’ve never been on any dates. 

Here comes the Kardashians taking over. Kourtney is talking to Rob about not communicating with his friends. She’s giving pretty sound advice. She’s always been my favorite Kardashian. Her voice is just annoying af. I used to like Khloe but she does the most! 

The talk with Paige and her housing arrangements went well. Seems like she should be looking for a house or apartment soon. 

Kim is showing Rob some tips and tricks on how to care for a baby. I find it hard to believe that she’s changed any diapers. I could be wrong though. She might be more active in the kid’s lives now. But I don’t think Kim changed a shitty leg diaper. 

Paige and Chyna go shopping for some kinky toys. I loveeeee going to sex stores. Even if I might not buy anything, it’s just fun to play with it and shop. 

Scott’s BBQ is finally here. All of Rob’s friends show up. It’s so awkward. They all call him out for not texting him back. Maybe I’m not that good of a friend. But a year and a half of texts that aren’t replied to… and you keep texting. Nahhhhhh

That’s good that his friends actually care about him and constantly check on him. That’s genuine friendship. My friends know. If something feels weird or off, I’ll ask you about it. And we can settle it or cease communication. 

The episode ends with Rob and Chyna using the toys she bought at the sex store. It’s always really awkward watching these kind of scenes. 

Next week it looks like the drama is back! 

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