Ludacris shows off his baby girls!

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think these are the first pictures we’ve seen of Ludacris’ daughters. 

I know famous people don’t owe us peasants anything but I be really offended when they don’t release pictures of their kids. 

I think Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes first did this. I remember US Magazine had a countdown of how old the baby was before we saw a picture. I believe Suri was like 7-8 months. 

Maybe they were waiting for the baby to “make it.” That’s what me and my mama say when fresh out the cat babies still look like newborns. 

Let’s be honest, most newborns are not cute. That’s why I be confused as a mf trying to figure out how y’all see that he has your grandmother’s nose on the ultrasound. Their features haven’t even formed yet. 

Even Draya said her baby was still funny looking and that’s why she hasn’t posted nothing but his phalanges. And Tami posted a Bonnet Chronicles on this too. Lord I hope my kids are cute. 

My grandma said my daddy wasn’t a cute baby. She said when people stopped by to visit him, she’d leave the bassinet covered. 😂😂😂

Anyway, back to the point of this post. Ludacris posted two pictures on his Instagram yesterday with them helping him volunteer. 

I believe the oldest is the one he fathered on a break from his now wife, Eudoxie. And she look justttttt like her daddy. Ain’t that some shit. It’s always the kid was made on a break that end up looking identical to the father. 

They’re both cute and I hope they keep showing us pictures. We love pictures of cute babies. 

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