Could you be a prison wife?

Two years ago, I started recapping episodes from a Lifetime series called Prison Wives Club on a blog that I ran. 

You can view the recaps here. They’re pretty funny! I just went back and read one and fell out laughing. 

It featured four women who were married to men that were convicted of sentences ranging from 10 years to life. 

Lifetime ended up cancelling the series but I really enjoyed watching it. 

I saw a picture of a woman who tattoed her incarcerated husband’s face on her shoulder yesterday and it reminded me of the show recaps I used to post. 


Could you be a prison wife? 

Would you stay with your husbsnd if they were incarcerated? 

Would you marry someone who was going to prison or was already in prison? 

I’ll answer first. 

The ONLY way I’d stay married to a prisoner is if he embezzled money and left millions for me and the kids to survive in a bank account on the Caymen Islands or if you committed crime trying to protect me or our kids. 

Other than that, you’ll be getting divorce papers to your inmate address. 

I refuse. I can’t do it. Nah, I don’t wanna hear “but you haven’t been in that situation” – and I won’t be in that situation. 

I’m not putting my life on hold. I’m not putting money on your books for you to buy honey buns, cigarettes and Zest soap! 

So I have two questions: 

1. Could you be married to someone who’s in prison? Are there stipulations of length and/or crime?

2. If you’re incarcerated, would you want your spouse to wait for you?

Let me know what y’all think!

5 thoughts on “Could you be a prison wife?

  1. I’ll be your first yo answer. Oh yeah, I’m ride or die for mines. You really made Mr laugh and can understand this life isn’t for everyone. Actually you should poll the questions and field out the answers. You’d be so surprised!

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  2. Yes I will and have been doing it for my husband I try to drive 3 hours every other weekend to see him I send money write and he is able to call me. This is not for everyone it gets depressing from time to time but you have to stay strong it is very hard but I would only hope that someone would be there for me unconditionally loving and holding on if it were me in prison.


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