This is some petty!

And childish too! 


So I guess the truce didn’t last too long. All the snaps, pictures and birthday party invites were just for “the show.” 

The Kardashians’ true colors have surfaced once again. 

It appears the sisters decided to throw a baby shower for their brother and new niece. They neglected to invite the mother of the baby, Blac Chyna. 

This is so trashy. How did they think no one would find out? How you throw a baby shower for a baby and not invite the mom? They could have just mailed the gifts to the house. Why would they think it’s okay?! 

Rob took to Twitter and defended his fiancée. He posted Kylie’s number and then confirmed that his page was not hacked. 

All of this is so petty. They need Iyanla to come and stage an intervention because that baby will be born into a hostile environment. 

If I was Chyna, I wouldn’t let my baby near them without me there. Not because I think they’d harm child; they wouldn’t – she’s carrying the last name, but because of what they might say about me in front of my child. 

I hope they can get it together before the baby is born in about 6 weeks. 

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