What the hell they wearing?

*yes, the title is omitting the verb. I’m aware.” 

This is someeeeeee country! Let me just say, I love all HBCUs. 

But the one in Itta Bena, Mississippi is just too country for me. What the hell is Mississippi Valley’s SGA Royal Court wearing?!?! This is too much green. 

I’m very big on the “No White” rule. The one where you don’t wear white from Labor Day until Easter. Call me old school but white is a summer color. It’s fall. Why are the guys wearing white pants?! Looking like milk men. 

They could have at least worn khaki. Where are their belts? They look like the guys in the diners who sing songs, the quartet. 😂😂😂

Let’s get into these country azz skirts. I know some skirts like these are in, but the ones this court is wearing just ain’t working. 

You know how some items just look better individually? This is one of them. I bet you would caption SLAYYYYYYYY👑 until Miss Sophomore’s pic but as an entire court… Nah! 🙅🏽

And whose dance competition squad did the queens steal them Pom Poms from? 

But let me not talk too much about the MVSU Court because my university’s Royal Court was AWOL in Huntsville this weekend. 

It’s all fun and games though… I got this picture from a Facebook group and trust me – this post is kind. 

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Snapchat: yesimbree 

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