Rob and Chyna: Episode 3

Episode 3: Going Down to Chyna-Town 
The episode begins with Rob & Scott eating fruit. Of course, Rob has to call his mom. She bought a bat for him, for protection… How about buying a gun, setting up an ADT account and locking the doors??? That seems more effective. 

Chyna FaceTimes her mom. Her mom is known as TokyoToni. Her mom looks like she loves to have a good time. She looks just like young Chyna. 

Khloe called Chyna to invite her to her birthday party. Rob didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to go. He didn’t want to go because he didn’t want to see people who haven’t seen him in person since he gained all the weight. 

Shiddddd… I’ll be damned if I not go somewhere because I’m worried about what someone ELSE is thinking. In the end, they compromised and Rob will go if Chyna goes. Good. I’m glad they didn’t have to argue.  

So Rob is wearing the sameeeeeee black shirt and LA Dodgers hat. And he tried to use that as an excuse to not go to the party. He acts like he didn’t know the party was today and couldn’t go buy something new. 

Chyna is driving to the party. Why is she driving? This has to be like a clause in production or something. I feel like every time on reality show that when a couple is driving somewhere, the woman has to drive. 

Even on RHONJ, Teresa always drove Joe around. Well that doesn’t count. Turns out, he doesn’t even have a license LOL. Okay maybe my argument is not valid😂

Rob tells Chyna that he is feeling bad and might need to go to the hospital. She keeps driving and goes to the birthday party. That’s hilarious!!! 

Rob does not need to be on reality tv. He needs to go to rehab for depression. It’s actually sad watching him deteriorate and wallow around in sadness all day. 

Chyna throws a barbecue at her house. It really seems like she loves him genuinely. She’s always trying to get him out and helping him boost his confidence. This is refreshing. 

Rob made it to DC! They’re heading to visit her side of the family! 

She’s driving around showing him her old high schools, the homes she lived in. She even took pictures with the people who live there now. And of course Rob is over the side refusing to take a picture. Someone needs to shake him!

Rob states that he’s only been to dinner with Chyna only three times. She’s like 4-5 months pregnant here. Y’all live together, most days. And y’all only been dinner together three times? Couldn’t be me…

Chyna invited 3 of her siblings, her mom and her dad to dinner. Her dad has 12 kids, 3 being the same age. Her parents haven’t seen each other in 10 years. This should be interesting…

Right the gate, Tokyo Toni asks “who are you?” to Chyna’s brother. Then asks the age range for the other girls. She got up and left after finding that they are all only a few months apart. I don’t blame her. I would have left too. That’s a lot to find out all at once. But then again, hell – the damage is done. They’re grown now. No sense in harboring hate from 28 years ago. 

Rob seems to be enjoying himself. I guess because nobody is paying attention to him. I’m confused. So does he want people to notice him or nahhhh?!

Chyna takes everyone to the strip club where she used to work. Humble beginnings. I’m proud of her and Nene Leakes. Both were strippers and now are business owners, entrepreneurs, millionaires. Hell maybe my fat ass needs to go strip 🤔. 

If Chyna hadn’t moved to Florida, she said she would still be at the club working. We would never know her. 

Chyna’s best friend from the club, Treasure meets her best friend in LA, Paige. And there’s some animosity. Why can’t we all get along? 

I can understand Treasure’s standpoint. Paige (Meka) befriended Chyna after she had a name. She might be an opportunist. 🤔 Only time will tell… 

Tokyo Toni threw a block party for Rob & Chyna. This is something that my mom would do. My mom loves to host and throw parties with the family. 

Lawd…. now Treasure and Paige getting into it. I’m glad my friends aren’t like this. I have best friends that have best friends that aren’t me. We’re grown. We all can get along. 

Yay! I’m glad Treasure and Paige made up. You have realize that you are not your friend’s only friend. They can have lives outside of you. And you have to realize that. 

Yessss for Tokyo Toni getting into Rob. And let him know that his problems are minuscule compared to the life Chyna worked so hard to leave. She let him know that he can’t just throw tantrums and become a recluse like that. Not when you messing with my child, is what she said! 

Next week, Chyna and Scott throw a friend’s reunion for Rob and Kim helps Rob with some parenting skills. 

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