Describe yourself in three fictional characters

Here are my three! 

Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy

Donna Meagle from Parks and Recreation 

Regine Hunter from Living Single


1) I chose Yang because I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix from the start (I started from Season 1 in 2005, but I wanted to watch from jump again) and I really relate to her. 

She strives to be successful and is sometimes emotionally unavailable. But she is capable of love and needs a strong black man to get her together (Preston Burke). Burke used to get her in line and rarely raised his voice. Yasssss!!! That’s what I need in my life. Dear Lord, send me a Preston Burke. Amen. 

2) I chose Donna because she is chunky, quick-witted and sarcastic. Just like me. Parks and Recreation is such an underrated show. My brother told me about and I watched the entire series on Hulu. It is ‘literally’ the funniest show to me.

Donna also keeps it real, no matter what people think about her. If you know me, this is me. I’m Bre. No matter what others think about me. 

3) I chose Regine because she’s superficial, spoiled and single. Just like me. I’m very superficial. I’m fat but you couldn’t tell me that I’m not Beyoncé the way I talk about people. My parents, grandparents and godparents have me spoiled rotten. And I’m single. 

Who did you pick for your three people? 

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