You’re fired!

I know every LSU fan is rejoicing! 

Sources report they have fired Leslie Miles and the offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron. Les is the head coach of the LSU football team. 

This comes after the devastating loss against Auburn on yesterday. 

I think a few years ago – maybe last year, they renewed his contract for another 5 years and increased his salary. I was confused. Why would they do that? 
LSU barely made it to the Cereal Bowl games the last few years and they renew his contract? Maybe he’s easy to control? Who knows?! 

Anyway.. the only reason that he’s been successful in the past is because of his predecessor’s recruits. After Nick Saban’s recruits graduated, so did the talent of the LSU Football game. His piss poor play calling was finally revealed. 

I’m from Baton Rouge but I’m not necessarily an LSU fan, mainly due to the treatment of the black players from the fans but I’m happy he is gone. I was tired of seeing all the disdain for him down my timeline. 

Les Miles came to Baton Rouge in like 2005/2006 and we had to do a survey in my high school Civics class on the new LSU coach. 😐 That’s when I found out his record at his previous school. It was like 6-4! Why would you hire a coach who barely had a winning season? 

Maybe LSU can finally succeed and maybe make to one of the BCS Bowl games. 
I hope Les can find a new job soon though, to support his wife’s shopping habit. 

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2 thoughts on “You’re fired!

  1. We watch the game yesterday. My play calling with Jefferson as the Offensive coach and Jethro as defense and your PawPaw as quarterback, I think we could have done a better job than Les Miles.


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