Happy birthday KJ!

Today is my brother’s 22nd birthday! Yes, Kevin Jude Paul, II is twenty two! The J is for Jude, not Junior. 

KJ is an amazing human being. He is an 18 year cancer survivor. He had retinoblastoma – which is a rare form of eye cancer that usually affects children. You would never know, unless he told you! He doesn’t use it as an excuse or a crutch! 

He graduated in May from the University of Alabama and is in his first year of grad school. 

We’ve gone from not wanting to look at each other or to be touched by one another to being the best of friends. We always have the best time reminiscing on our dad’s crazy parenting skills. I’m amazed at the growth of our relationship. I used to pray to God and make wishes on stars for another sibling but I am grateful that it’s just us two. 

I remember our paternal grandmother took us to Jazzland in New Orleans once and gave us spending money for souvenirs, food and drinks. We stopped at an ice cream shop. We both got ice cream and I bought a bottle of water also. I asked KJ if he was getting water too. He said, “No. I’m getting free water.” I asked where was he getting it from. He pointed to the water fountain. 😂 And we are still that way today. I spend money before I get it and he saves all of his! 

He is my biggest inspiration, my confidant and my best friend. I love you KJ! 

Happy birthday KJ


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