Make-up with Bre

So…… I’ve decided I want to learn how to makeup. Like the kind where I can put booking info and MUA in my IG bio. 

So I reached out to my friend Rosalind who has been REALLY patient with me. She sent all kind of tips and products for me to use. She gave me the high end problems and drug store products too because I’m poor. 

So I took my happy ass to Walmart and spent like two hours buying stuff. 

I have to go to ULTA and buy the rest of the products because the Walmart had 32 shades of “fair” skin tones and -5 shades for brown people. 

But I did get some brow stuff. I usually just use a Rimmel pencil and call it a day. But I want them to look like the people in YouTube videos. 

The first time I was SO heavy handed. I was painting on the brows like I was painting a wall. Then I wiped it off and tried again. I guess I just have to be patient. I hate being patient. Just like YouTube videos. Lawd them people talk so much. I just want them to show me the steps, don’t care about your day. 

So here is my first try last night and this morning when I got ready for work. I still look a little crazy. But it’ll get better with practice. 

What do y’all think? Excuse my lazy eye. Or is it a cockeye? Either way, excuse my eyes. Just look at my brows LOL 

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