Brad was hitting them chirren

Lawdddddddddd TMZ is reporting that Brad Pitt was abusive to his kids and THAT’S what drove Angie to divorce him! 
They are being investigated by LAPD and LA DCFS. Brad was allegedly verbally and physically abusive to the children. 

He got wasted on a private jet and when they landed, he started screaming and went off on them. 

One of the witnesses told the police and here we are. 

I’m not rich so I don’t know how rich people shit works. If you have a private jet, do you have to fly it into an airport? That just defeats the purpose. If I have a private jet, I should be able to land it in my backyard. I wouldn’t want to associate with peasants at LAX. 

All the tea is just overflowing now. I wonder what else is going on. Chileeeee… so Brad was cheating on his mistress with a mistress, got drunk and now he hitting on them kids. 

It seems like these two were headed in different stages in life. Angie wants to go on humanitarian trips, heal the land, end world hunger. Brad wants to get drunk and high. I’m not excusing the child abuse but seems like this is a stage. Well, minus the cheating – that just seems to be him. So actually this argument is null and void. 

Moving on… They should have just stayed shacking. Look at Oprah and Stedman, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. They been shacking since I was born and they’re happy. Angie and Brad met unconventionally, so why even get married? 

What do y’all think about what’s going on? I know there’s more pressing matters with riots and murders of black men by police but sometimes I need to decompress and this helps. 

2 thoughts on “Brad was hitting them chirren

  1. I heard they got married because the kids wanted them to lol…I agree with you! If you been together for 10 years and 6 kids later y’all still happy, I don’t see the point of marriage


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