All dogs go to heaven

Is this what white people mean when they say All Lives Matter? Two black men were shot in cold blood recently and these people are holding vigils for dogs. 

I mean, I don’t really like animals that aren’t edible but I’m not like a PETA activist either. So I’m kinda like in the middle. I didn’t want the dog to die but I don’t think a vigil should be held for dogs. They should be praying for the children of the men shot and killed by police officers. 

Come on mannnnnn a prayer vigil for a dog?! 

The vigil was held in Bastrop, LA. Kujo was killed last week and the murder was caught on video. 

The prayer vigil-ers said the two men in the video are not good for the community and need to be put away because they can do anything. 

I’m not one to abuse animals but this is too much. Bury Fluffy and move on. 

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