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Add having car problems to the long list of things you can do or have and be killed for, just because you’re an unarmed black male. 

Terence Crutcher, 40 years old was shot and killed by Tulsa Police Department. 

Mr. Crutcher was killed on September 16th. The videos weren’t released to the public until late Monday afternoon (September 19th). 

Which means, Tulsa Police Department had all that time to cover their tracks and make up a story about what happened. 

You can watch the video and clearly see how Mr. Crutcher had his hands up the entire time and was very peaceful. 

You can also hear the police in the helicopters make comments. I believe one said, “That looks like a bad dude right there.” I’m not a professional video recording listener but I’m pretty sure that’s what I heard. Now how can you see if that’s a ‘bad dude’ when you a hundred feet in the air? QTNA 

Officer Betty Shelby was the one that shot Mr. Crutcher fatally. Her lawyers tell us that she thought he had a weapon and that he was acting erratically. 

I know the video we see isn’t a body cam, because those never work or are never released, but I didn’t see any erratic behavior. 

Mr. Crutcher was killed than 30 seconds after the second squad car arrived. 30 seconds. That isn’t a very long time. 


There’s a process that usually takes place when an unarmed black male is killed by police. 

1. Administrative leave

2. Guy was a thug 

3. Trial 

4. Officers not guilty 

5. Next city 

Officer Shelby is already on administrative leave and already has lawyers (not the police department) making statements on her behalf. This should tell you the outcome of #4. 

I just have one question.  

Why not call for an ambulance? 

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