Rob and Chyna: Episode 2 

Episode 2 – Rob’ing the Cradle 
The episode starts off with Chyna throwing a BBQ birthday party for one of her friends. Rob didn’t show. Shocker. He’s under the impression that she will leave him. He has hella self-confidence and self-esteem issues. 

It seems like Scott is Rob’s only friend. Lamar was his friend but I think he’s back on crack these days. Rob’s other friend, which was Lamar’s friend died of a drug overdose. Scott is an alcoholic and a drug addict. Rob needs new friends. 

Scott is giving Rob some sound advice though. Rob needs to seek counseling and get his issues together. Karma is a BITCH. He cheated on Adrienne Bailon then his next girlfriend cheated on him. Now he has all these insecurities. 

I was waiting for the Kardashians to take over the show. Kris Jenner just FaceTime’d Kendall who was stressing out over rich, Caucasian problems. I don’t know why people say that money doesn’t buy happiness. 95% of my problems would be solved if I had more money. 

Rob finally came over to Chyna’s house to apologize. I bet he had to knock since it doesn’t appear that he has a key. Rob says he wants to stay at his mom’s house until he gets his stuff together. He’ll never have a healthy relationship if his maw is so involved in his life. 

I don’t see how rich people like reality stars or even celebrities are fat. You have all the means to acquire a chef, personal trainer, nanny and plastic surgeon and to be honest, no real job. Hell, even if you had the last two – you could still be skinny. 

Chyna and her friends are discussing n article written by a doctor claimed that Chyna’s ass has collapsed. I wish it did. It’s huge. Colossal. Like not normal… It was already big to begin with now with the pregnancy, it’s ridiculous. She called the doctor’s office to speak to him. What doctor’s office you know that you can call and actually speak to the doctor. Not a one! 

I really have to give Chyna her props. She was a stripper, paid her way through whatever schooling, started her clothing line and aligned herself with the right people. 

Now she’s carrying the potentially the only person who will carry the Kardashian name into the next generation. Even if she never sells another body con dress, she’s gonna be paiddddd!!! 

Makes people like me who are in debt from obtaining a bachelor’s degree and working in a call center wonder where the hell we went wrong in life. I wonder if it’s any plus size booty clubs hiring… 

Rob’s stylist is meeting him at home to go over clothes for the upcoming Cannes trip. Nothing fits. Did they not exchange measurements prior to the appointment? This is staged. How do you pay a stylist to find clothes for you and nothing fits?! 

Sidebar: Rob needs to stop wearing those LA Dodgers caps. They’re ruining his hair.

Rob just informed Chyna that he won’t be going to Cannes because he doesn’t want to be photographed and isn’t comfortable. Great. This sparks yet another argument in the car. I’m single and, according to my friend Nick, you shouldn’t take relationship advice from me – but, I do know that in relationships, you should be making sacrifices for the person you love. 

I’m sorry but if you got ass shots, injections, implants or fat transfers – you do not get to be self-conscious about your ass. 

The segments with Rob are getting to be redundant and depressing. I’d much rather watch Chyna and her friends. This should just be The Chyna Show. 

Are they planning to live in different homes? Why is Rob putting together a baby swing at his house? Things that make you go hmm.. 🤔

Paige is a good friend. She’s giving Chyna some insight on how Rob feels regarding weight and depression. It’s sad that he walks around feeling depressed 24/7. Trust me, we all have moments but it’s sad to walk around like that all day. Especially when you have the means to have a great psychologist. 

So Chyna just walks into Rob’s house. Are all the homes of celebrities just open like that? I mean doors unlocked, no alarm. I’m confused LOL. 

It’s sweet that she apologized to him. It’s refreshing to see them cute and happy instead of arguing. Ewwwww now they’re about to have sex. The visual 😝

Can’t wait for next week’s episode! 

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