Would you share the big day? 

Ray J posted a video of a bride about to toss her bouquet to single ladies. She ends up giving to one specific bridesmaid.

The bridesmaid’s boyfriend approaches her and gets on one knee. Then, it appears, her parents come to congratulate her. 

Ray J asked in the caption, “Would you let this happen at your wedding?”


Why couldn’t the groom find another way to propose? I mean he can’t come up with another idea? Like at all? 

Your wedding, whether you’re the bride or groom, is your special day. Most people only have one. And you want me to share that day with you because your future husband is not creative? 

Nah… It don’t matter how long we been friends, how close we are, if we been play cousins since 2nd grade, if you’re my line sister or bridesmaid, brother, etc – you will not propose or get proposed to at my wedding or reception.  

I’m sure there are ideas on Pinterest you can use. Or hell just ask her on a plate of cheesecake written in chocolate syrup. 

What do y’all think? Would you share your special day? 

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