Robstown High Cottonpickers

I’m used to ‘unique’ mascots for a high school. My high school mascot was a ‘Red Sticker’ – before you turn up your nose, I’m from Baton Rouge, La. My hometown translates to ‘Red Stick’ in French. 

Also, in the same city – there is a high school named after Confederate General, Robert E. Lee, with the mascot of the ‘Rebel.’

There have been numerous petitions from the NAACP and City Council votes to change the name to the Patriots. I’m pretty sure the (now) majority black school still has the mascot of the Confederacy. 

I guess you can equate the mascot of the Rebels to the mascot of the Robstown High School Cottonpickers. 




Let that marinate. 

The population of Robstown, Texas is 93% Hispanic or Latino and is less than 2% Black. 

I haven’t researched it and I’m not sure if there have been any moves to get this school a new mascot. I don’t think the majority of the city understands the meaning behind that name to want to change it. 

What do y’all think of this high school’s mascot? 


I’ve posted some pictures below from the school’s website. Check out the “Notification of Non-Discrimination.” 

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