Should you take advice from single folks? 

Today is Thursday. So y’all already know what time it is! 

#DoubleStandardThursdays where you get the opinions on different topics from… 

Bre – me, a single black female addicted to retal and brunching 

And Nick – a father who’s getting married soon! 

Make sure you go back and read the topics from previous Thursdays. Today’s topic is taking advice from single people… 

Here’s what I had to say:

Ummm…. It depends, on a lot of things. 

If it’s a logical person, then absolutely I’d take advice from them. Hell, my last official monogamous relationship ended in 2012 and 70% of my 8 friends come to me with their relationship woes. 

I always ask myself why do they come to me? Clearly, I’m not doing something right for myself. So how can I help you? 

But then I realize that my advice or opinion on the situation is always true. No matter how harsh it is. 

Also, I never tell my friends to leave their mate, unless he’s beating on her or giving her STDs. I leave that decision up to them. I will give insight on his side and her side then them her decide if she wants to stay or go. 

Partly because I don’t want nobody saying Bre told me to leave my man. No I didn’t! I love love and love the idea of marriage! And I believe that if you’re happy, I’m happy. Our grandmothers, aunts and even our mothers have been through some thangs that will have you thinking all men ain’t shit. 

Tammy Rivera posted about staying in relationships. Here’s the video

So, yes. I would take relationship advice from a single person. Only if they’re a logical person. Now if this single person’s life was in shambles then nahhh you can’t tell me anything about anything. You need to focus on your life. 

Here’s what Nick had to say

For my folks in relationships, I mean this in the nicest way possible when I say this:
No matter male or female, I do not support you listening to single friends when it comes to getting relationship advice. 

In my eyes there is a reason why they are single and 9/10 it is not “because I choose to be” smh. Single friends will give you the worst advice and have your ass thinking that the some of the BS that they say is true. I have been in that place before and asked myself now why the heck did I listen to so and so in this situation. 

If you are in a relationship, communicate with your mate over your friends ESPECIALLY if they are single. If you do feel the need to just communicate with someone, it is better to do it with people who can relate to you, i.e people in relationships. 

We all in some sort go through the same scenarios, not each one of course but you get what I am saying. 

You are then able to get some sound advice on whatever worked in their particular situation seeing that they actual been through it already. You don’t go to a person asking them for advice on something they have failed or not good at doing. 

 If you are trying to build your credit score, it makes more sense to converse with someone who is between 700-900 then get advice for someone less than 500.
Of course some can give some decent advice but I just say stay away from them at all costs and more than anything just try to figure everything out within yourself and your mate. 

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