She not even a real teacher…. 

Lawdddd so finally Atlanta Public Schools has released a statement anddddddd they say she is not even a real teacher. She’s a paraprofessional. 

Now, no offense to any paraprofessionals who read my blog. However… Paras are not teachers. She hasn’t taken (or passed) her certification tests. Just like CNAs are not nurses. Did you pass the NClex? We thank you for your services but let’s be honest about our job roles. 

Like me, I could say that I am Claims IT Specialist. But we all know that I work at a call center and that in the grand scheme of things, I am a CSR (customer service representative). 

Here is the article where I got my tea. “Atlanta Public Schools can confirm that Patrice Brown is a paraprofessional employed with the district. She was given guidance regarding the APS employee dress code, the use of social media, and Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators, and she has been cooperative in addressing her presence on social media.”

The teachers I know, don’t  wear heels everyday. I mean I barely want to wear heels to church where I’ll be sitting 70% of the time. I damn sure wouldn’t wear them to walk around helping kids learn common core math all day long. But hey, if she wanna do that then she can! 

Let me just say this…

I saw no problem with her attire until I saw that pink body con dress. Why couldn’t she wear a blazer or a cardigan? 

No one is saying  that she needs to wear a kaftan or a parachute but that pink dress was not work appropriate. It was too tight. Those ripples across the thighs gave it away. 

I’m not even hating. She’s pretty and has a nice shape then she went to an HBCU. If I was her size, I’d be wearing dresses from Fashion Nova too. But not at work! 

Also… when did teachers start looking like this? My 4th grade teacher had a turkey neck and a map on her legs. 

I wish her the best and I hope she can milk this and start selling Flat Tummy Tea, teeth whitening kits and maybe even bundles! 

So what do y’all think about her attire? 

15 thoughts on “She not even a real teacher…. 

  1. Mike its a school not a strip club you perverted fuck, that means kids are there. Yes she is beyond beautiful, I think she would do amazing as a fashion model with that pink dress. As a mother I don’t want a teacher over my child wearing that.

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  2. I see body shaming… It’s everywhere… If her physique were dumpy and clothed in polyester (— not that there’s anything wrong with that) no one would have said boo.


  3. Are the kids learning there in 4th grade for God’s sake if she looked like mama June and still wore fitting clothes wouldn’t a thing been said. But because she beautiful and curvy she wrong. She can’t help what GOD gave her.


  4. Man that’s bull as a father and a man that respects women this is insane to what we as people have become to judge anybody that has a career but it’s inappropriate to wear certain clothing that mother’s don’t approve in front of the child


  5. Little offended Paraprofessionals may not have passed a test but we teach also. We sometimes teach more than the teachers. I’m a Paraeducator who’s job is to teach 7 kids while my teacher in the class teachers the other 19 students. So whether you think we are teachers or not we are!!!!! No in reference to her outfits they are very risky and it’s to much especially for a fourth grade class.


  6. I am concerned about what people are complaining about these days. She is NOT dressed like she is going to a club, I have seen women going to the club and this is not what they were. There is ABSOLUTELY no skin showing at all. Her clothes are fitted, but they are not inappropriately. I REALLY THINK THERE IS SOME HATING GOING ON. To down her profession as well is not cool at all. Our children are already undereducated in these school systems, and if she is a good teacher and the children are learning, who cares. I know both of my sons would of attended her class and learned a lot, if she is a good teacher.


  7. I wish you the best in whatever you’re doing is long as those kids is learning I wished I had your shake you rock it girl. She should be able to wear what she want to wear Its the 12 to 17-year-old teenagers they need to be wearing uniforms come out the house looking any Can away.


  8. Being that it takes a lot of entities to make a child grow; I find it very confrontational and a little degrading that your article heading reads ….She not even a real teacher…. that is misleading and denigrating to all educators and para-educators. Most of your so called “real teachers ” start out in the classroom as paras it is a great way to get your contact hours and get your teaching style nailed down before being set loose on your own. She is in every sense a teacher, she’s not play-acting or fronting she is in the classroom guiding learners and providing instruction all of which are in the descriptions of a teacher. Not one educator should besmirk that girl calling herself a teacher because we all know they do must of the grunt work for exactly 1/3 the pay….. and your lead in has absolutely no other purpose but to disparage since whether or not she is a real teacher is undoubtedly not the main idea of your article.


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