Can cheaters request spousal support? 

TMZ released an article stating that Kendu Isaacs (Mary J. Blige’s husband) is requesting spousal support from his soon to be ex-wife. 

He also wants her to pay his attorney fees. It’s unclear if they had prenuptial agreement or not, at this time. But I think whoever makes more usually gets their attorney fees paid. 

But then, Funky Dineva reports that Kendu was cheating with Karrine Supahead Steffans, who is notorious for sleeping with (married) people in the entire hip hop industry.  

I believe Kendu was somehow employed by Mary. So I do believe that he should get some type of support. Hopefully he’s been saving or has some kind of income not related to Mary because that may be denied, due to the circumstances. 

Let’s be honest, if it were me or any scorned woman, we’d tell him that he should go ask whoever he was sleeping with for money. That’s just foul and disrespectful. Cheat on me then ask me for money. Nah, go ask that bxtch. 

But anyway, I don’t know about y’all but I’m ready for this divorce to be uover so Mary can release this album. 

What do y’all think? I’m no lawyer, so let me know if I messed up anything. 

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