It’s almost Gumbo season 

The Princess and Frog’s Facebook page posted this “gumbo” recipe today. I’m not sure who authorized this atrocity but I’m sure they can’t be from South Louisiana!!! 

And you know what? Tiana is my favorite Disney princess but I can’t fcuk with her on this one. She’s from New Orleans. She knows better. Her daddy’s gumbo pot would not approve of this! 

You can view the “gumbo” posted here.


When the first cold snap happens, my mama usually makes a gumbo. It has everything in it!

All of the seasonings (onion, bell pepper and celery). Chicken, shrimp, andouille sausage, smoked sausage, crab fingers and sometimes okra. And of course a ROUX! 

I’ve posted pictures of my mama’s gumbo below. You can see the difference easily. 

Hers has a roux, peeled and deveined shrimp, just to name a view of the menu differences. 

The other gumbo is served with kale and quinoa then they used low sodium chicken broth as a base. All healthy options should not be used when making a real gumbo. 

Other foods that do not belong in gumbo: 

Chicken bones

Any kind of meat made with Red Dye #4



Any kind of leafy vegetable


Baby ass dry shrimp 


Squash, zucchini (Reagan Gomez-Preston this is for you)


So let me know how you,  your mama, auntie or grandma makes y’all gumbo?  If it’s anyway how Tiana made hers, then please do not invite me over. 

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