Is your clock broke? 

One of my pet peeves is being late or people being habitually late. 

I don’t understand… Like is your clock broke? Yes, the grammar is correct – for effect. 

I give my friends a 20 minute grace period. If we agree on a time to meet, you have 20 minutes and then I’m leaving. 

OMG Bre that’s soooo rude! No, it’s not. What’s rude is you having me meet you at a specific time and you’re late, with no reason. 

Now, I do have a clause that states I will stay if you let me know ahead of time that you will be late. But if you don’t let me know BEFORE said time that you will be late, then I’m leaving. 

And don’t call me after I leave, when you get there talking about, “Where are you?” Because I’m gone! My time is of the essence hunni! 

I understand people have lives and the world doesn’t revolve around me but if you’re running late, all I ask is LET ME KNOW. I’m a pretty sensible person. 

If you’re late because there was a wreck on the interstate or you had to redo your eyebrows, I understand. Or if your kid messed up their clothes or if you couldn’t find an outfit, I get it. Just let me know. Send a quick text, “Hey Bre. I’m running late.” 

☝🏾️ And another thing that really grinds my gears – picking someone up and they take forevaaaaaa to come outside. I had to learn the hard way. You have to let people know 3-5 minutes before you’re actually outside so that they can be on the corner like a prostitute waiting on you. 

Or when someone is late and you ask for an ETA via text, “Hey where are you?” And they respond, “I’m on the way.” 

On the way… Are you just leaving the house? Are you 5-15 minutes away? 😤

I done got wayyyy off topic. 

But can y’all help me understand? The folks who are always late… WHY?! 

I mean, if you know the time that a certain event starts and you know it takes you a certain amount of time to get ready, why are you always late?

Is it because you don’t care? 

Is it because I should be honored by your lateness? That you’d even show up to this fake isht? 

Like how does that happen ALL. THE. TIME. 

Maybe I should focus on the people who are on time and show up? 

It’s just so hard to understand because being on time is important to me. You know how at baby showers or really any type of shower – the person who arrives first usually gets a gift. Let’s just say, I always get that gift. 

It’s the people who are habitually late that constantly brag about being late that I don’t get. 

I have a few friends that need this clock.

For my birthday, I had a Twerk Party (an instructor came and showed us how to twerk properly). My friends don’t know it yet, but I gave them a time that started 45 minutes early so that they would be on time. And some were still late. We ended up having a good time and it was a good chance for people in my various circles to talk before we learned how to shake it fast. But I shouldn’t have to do all of that just have an enjoyable time for my birthday. 

I guess I will either start being late myself or more understanding of everyone’s lateness. Either way, I don’t like it. Haha

So y’all let me know… 

If you’re always late, how does it happen all of the time? 

And if you’re on time (like me), what are some of your lateness pet peeves?

2 thoughts on “Is your clock broke? 

  1. I have an aunt who lives an hour and 1/2 away for me… And when we are late for an occasion we just say we are in Livonia … Which is the half way mark from her house to my house …..

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  2. You are not rude. My take on people being late all the time, they are rude, inconsiderate, arragont, selfish, and just plain stupid. Why are you always late? Unlike you, I accept no apologies. You live in your late world, but don’t expect me to enter your selfish world. I try not to deal with late people. I pride myself on being on time. I could not accept anyone saying “Gail is alway late”. I’m usually a half hour early. Now that was a Soapbox Reply. Bre you know I’m at midnight Mass for 10:30pm.

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