Facebook recipes have gone too far!!! 

Yesterday was too much for me!!!!

First, Disney posted a recipe of gumbo that was made with kale, tomatoes, chicken broth and shrimp that were not fully peeled or deveined. 

Then, I see a recipe for sweet potato pie. You can view it here

This recipe is just all wrong. 

1. Why did the mashed sweet potatoes look green? I mean when I make mine for my meal prep and I bake them, they’re still orange. 

2. Why did they use microwave melted butter? My mom comes from a family of bakers. Her “take that meat out the freezer when you get home from school” is “take my butter and eggs out so I can bake.” Do you know how many times I’ve gotten punished for not taking eggs and butter out. Let’s be honest, if you’re a real baker – you never microwave any butter. 

3. WHO THE HELL ADDS PARMESAN CHEESE TO SWEET POTATO PIE?!!?!?!? I don’t think I’ve ever had cheese of any kind in any pie. That’s just wrong. 

4. What is dark sugar? Is it the same as brown sugar? 

5. Where’s the pie cover? Last year when Patti LaBelle came out with her line of sweet potato pies, my aunt Sweet Sue asked, “Mais, why Patti don’t have no cover on her pie. She got y’all eating yams and graham crackers.” For all the trolls, yes I know yams and sweet potatoes aren’t the same. 


My maternal grandmother, who we call “Big” is famous for baked goods. No seriously, she is. She lives in Ville Platte, LA and probably has baked some type of cake or pie for everyone, their mama, cousin and/or auntie. 

Every year at the Cotton Festival, she’d win for the best sweet potato pie. One year, Big was out of town and wasn’t able to attend the Cotton Festival. My mom and Sweet Sue ended up baking the pies and won! 

After Big stopped baking due to her Alzheimer’s, Sweet Sue kept baking the pies. This Thanksgiving is our first year without Sweet Sue (she passed June 15) and it’s up to the 3rd generation, my cousins and me, to keep up the baking. 

I said all that to say, we have to learn how to bake and cook like our grandmothers, mothers and aunties because one day they will not be here. And we’re stuck getting recipes of Facebook, baking pies and adding Parmesan cheese or making a gumbo with kale and no roux.
So this Thanksgiving, let’s all get in the kitchen with a note pad and write three recipes down. Because you know good and well, there’s no recipe. 

​I recorded this video on the night before Thanksgiving, last year. Notice the difference in the cheesy pie and this pie. 

3 thoughts on “Facebook recipes have gone too far!!! 

    1. You are so right I’m from ville platte, la….it’s a sin not to put a cover on your pie …. The dough is always sweet,buttery and golden brown…. I should have watched one more holiday bcuz that sweet sue, Bre talks about is my sweet mom😍

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