Coparenting at its finest!

So last night I scrolling through my Instagram and I see this picture. 

It’s Russell Simmons with Kenzo Lee and Wolfe Lee. Those two kids are his ex-wife, Kimora Lee’s children. 

Kimora has the United Nations in her house. She’s black and Korean. Her daughters are 3/4 black and 1/4 Korean. Kenzo is 1/4 Korean and Benin and black (not sure about his percentage though. Do you count black and African as the same?). Wolfe is 1/4 Korean, 1/4 black and half European. 

But anyway… This is a great picture. What man do you know will take a picture with his ex-wife’s kids that have no relation to him? And they’re his godchildren?! That’s a man right there. 

It actually makes sense though. If something were to happen to Kimora, Djimon Honsou and that rich white man she’s married to – then all 4 kids would be together. 

From following Uncle Rush and Kimora, seems like they vacation together and do all sorts of things like that. Just one big happy family. 

It sounds weird as hell when you first think about it but at the end of the day, this is how adults are supposed to act. Especially in their situation, with all these chirren involved. 

Kudos to them! 

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