Recap: Rob and Chyna – IT’S A GIRL

I mean… I’m happy they are having a healthy pregnancy and all but ugh I wanted them to have a boy. Just to name it, I mean the baby Robert Kardashian III. And they could call the baby, Tre. Just because I’m petty. 

I bet the rest of the kids they have, will all be girls. God does funny things like that. Until you do right by the children you have…. 

But anyways, let’s get into the recap! 

The show opens with Rob & Chyna exercising. They’re walking up what appears to be Runyon Canyon. I swear I want to go to LA just to take a picture there. Maybe I’ll see some celebrities there exercising too. 

Am I the only who can’t stop looking at Chyna’s ass is hugeeeeeeee. It’s massive. I know it grows when you’re pregnant but lawdamercy, it has a mind of its own. I swear it got bigger as the episode moved along. 

So… Rob & Chyna met at Kendall’s Sweet 16. She’s 20. This isn’t adding up. Because Chyna’s son is only 3 years old. 🤔🤔 I’m confused as to when they started dating and when Tyga started molesting Kylie. None of these dates are adding up. I’ll have to research this 🕵🏾. 

Rob’s accent is so country. He doesn’t have that Valley Girl accent like Kim, Kourtney and Khloe; which is annoying as fcuk, might I add.   

He definitely is a mama’s boy. I can’t talk. I call my mama for everything! But gahdamn… If I was pregnant and I agreed to do a special gender reveal with the father of my child then Deborah will just have to find out when the balloon comes out the box. 

Rob says the girl he was with before Chyna cheated on him and that’s why he’s insecure. But he cheated on the Cheetah Girl first…. So my dude why you insecure? It’s because “you was texting other bitches!” 

Lawd that argument with Chyna and Paige in the car and she’s arguing with Rob. Whew. I know that argument too well. I just wanna know WHO is Rob texting? Yeah he got money but he looks like a slob. I’m fat but I’m not sloppy. I wear real clothes. Rob is always wearing a black tshirt and that damn LA Dodgers hat. Where are his clothes? I’m not saying he needs to only wear designer clothes but I shop at Ross & Old Navy.. Surely he can put on real clothes.  

After one of their arguments, Rob stopped at Kroger and got her some flowers to apologize. She threw them in the pool. That’s something I would do! Them flowers is not gonna make me any feel better. I’m from Missouri, SHOW ME! 

Does Rob not have a key to her house? I’m sorry but if you put an angel in my ultrasound and proposed to me, I think you deserve a key to my house. It doesn’t seem like she changes the locks either. So why doesn’t he have a key? 

Then he and Scott have to go to the store to get toiletries. Does he only have one set of these items? I mean, I have my hoe bag packed with the essentials. It has all of those items in a bag ready to go at a moments notice. I mean you can’t forget anything…. 

So Chyna goes to look for Rob at his house… How do these people not have keys to each other’s house? I mean y’all are engaged. Y’all too old and too far along in y’all relationship to be knocking on the damn door like you asking to borrow a cup of sugar. 

Why is Kris Jenner sooooo petty?! Calling her Angela and enunciating it. 

Kris: so Rob told me you kicked him out of the house? What’s that all about? 

Chyna: 😁

First of all, I wouldn’t go looking for no man. Maybe that’s why I’m single🤔. But we not talking about me right now… 

I’m definitely not going to HIS family’s house to look for his azz either. That’s HIS family, not mine. Then she’s spilling their relationship drama to his maw. Hell nah. 

Mom, this may be a little explicit…. 

But at the end of the day – you (Chyna) got to suck his dick, not his maw. So keep y’all (you and Rob) problems in house, I mean unless it’s like some form of abuse. 
Because when you go back to him/her, your friends and family gone be bitter and mad but you grinning like your food is about to come out at the restaurant. 

Rob needs to grow up! He is wayyyy to old to be dependent on his mommy. I think if they cut the umbilical cord then his relationship with Chyna would be a lot better. She needs to compromise as well. But he definitely needs to grow up!

Seems like this will be an eventual reality series and I can’t wait for next week! 
Let’s talk about what you thought of tonight’s episode. I want to hear what you think! 

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