Facebook memories will get you all the way together!

Facebook menory: 09/12/2010

So I remember this day very well. I was working as a proctor for the ACT at my high school alma mater to make a little cash because I was a sophomore in college. Let’s be honest, those are the brokest days of your life. 

After finishing that, I planned to go tailgate before the first home game at Southern University with my then boyfriend and his friends. 

I just have a few questions about this entire picture though… 

Where are my eyebrows? 

Why did I wear that lil tiny azz bow? 

Where are the rest of my clothes? 

Lawd I look like you could just stick in a pin in me and I’d burst. But you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t fine! 

This picture gives me motivation today to not go back to this size. Because this journey to a healthier lifestyle is hard! 

Sometimes I ask myself is it worth it? I mean folks are out here drinking tea, getting their stomach cut in half, going to Dr. Miami and finding other methods to lose their weight. Here I am eating 1500 calories a day and sweating like a racehorse. 

But then I scroll down my Facebook memories and see pictures like this… 

Here I am 6 years later, living in Dallas on my own. My face is soooo much slimmer. My eyes have completely transformed and you can see my bone structure. 

Before a friend’s business launch party 09/09/2016

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