Bre and Bella 

I’ve always wanted a dog. When I was like 11 or 12, my dad said I could get a dog. But, I had to take care of a loaf of bread for 2 weeks. I’m like okay cool, I got this. 

No, you don’t know my father.  I had to take her out in the morning before school, walk her around the block and even play with it. Imagine walking by your neighborhood crush’s house carrying a loaf of bread. 

My dad got the bread from the Bread Store which sells it at a lower price but you only have like 3 days to eat it. So of course my bread started to mold. And I threw it away. I never did get my dog. 

Fast forward 15 years….

Last Thursday, a friend of an SU alum posted in one of my GroupMes that her friend was giving away a 2 year old Pomeranian named Bella. 

I immediately asked, “what’s wrong with her?” 

So we were all set for me to pick up Bella. 

Then I had to tell my friends. I have like 4-5 friends that I trust and tell everything to; some were excited and some were like BRE WTF DID YOU DO?! 

I didn’t care. I was excited. I was gonna be a dog mom! 

I even downloaded the app, DogVacay, to find a place for her to be boarded on my trip next weekend. I looked up pet insurance policies. I was gonna be the best dog mom everrrr!!!

Something told me to ask the owner about shots and if she was neutered. She said she wasn’t up to date on shots AND she wasn’t fixed. Meaning I’ll have a unvaccinated bloody dog. No thanks. 

So I found the courage to text the owner that I wouldn’t be able to take the dog. She said she was okay with it. 

Monday was Labor Day and I went to a friend’s clubhouse for a BBQ. I had a few adult beverages and since I’m single and not entertaining anyone, I decide to tipsy text the owner. 

She should have known something was up when I texted her “was greens” – WTF is that? 

So anyone who knows me knows that I have to tell my mom about it. So I do and she basically says, “BREANNA. DO NOT GET THAT DOG!” 

My dad tells me that I’m grown and that I can do what I want but I should think about grooming, vet visits, shots, food, etc. 

So all day at work I’m thinking about it. I decide to get it when my right eye started twitching (I looked it on Google and it means good signs). 

After work, I get on the road go to pick up my dog!

I text the owner that I was outside. She sends her friend to open the door to the building. And she leads me into the suite of the office building. 

The girl grabs the dog food, ceramic  dishes, leash and doggy bed (that looked like it ain’t been washed since she bought it) then hands it over to me. That’s it. No, “Bella!!! Here’s your new mommy!” Nothing… Strike #1 

She told me I was getting a cage. And there was none. Strike #2 
She walks the dog out to my car as I carry her items. So she gets in my car and I get in. Then reality sits in…


 After I examine the dog and notice her grinch feet…. I get buyer’s remorse. Strike #3 

Bella wasn’t as cute as she was in the video the owner sent. I started thinking of all the money  was going to have to spend. I’d immediately have to get her groomed to clip the hair on her feet that made her look like the Grinch and buy a cage. 

So I text some of my friends and they’re like just bring the dog back! HOW?! I just picked her up. It hasn’t even been 30 minutes. 

I finally muster up enough strength to leash up the dog and gather her belonging and bring her inside. 

I thought about tying her to the entrance of the door and leaving her there. But then I figured there were cameras and they had my license plate and I’d be in jail for animal cruelty. So that wasn’t an option. 

I walk up and of course, you need a code to open the door. I peek in and hope someone sees me for me to motion them to open the door. No one comes. It’s like 45 seconds. That’s a long time when you’re holding ceramic dog dishes, puppy pads, a dog and a dog bed. 

Finally, her friend comes and I say, “I’m sorry. I don’t think this is going to be a good fit. I just want her to go to a good home and I don’t think I’m it.” 

She didn’t seem disappointed. Kind of like she expected it. So I put everything down and then… the ceramic dog dishes drop and break. Now this is carpet. What ceramic do you know breaks on carpet?! So I’m picking up the pieces and she asks for the dog food. I left it in the car. Now I have to go back to Faith (my car)!

​I go get the food and apologize again. Then I drove home and ate my meal prep for dinner. Tonight, I had salad and salmon. It was delicious! 

Below are my snapchat stories while this was all happening! If you want to follow me, my name is YESIMBREE 

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