It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas ain’t got nothing on football season! Yes, I did mean to type it that way. 

Football season is my favorite time of the year. Everything about it is awesome! 

Food, family, friends and FUN! 

Yesterday, my alma mater The Southern University and A&M College played against University of Louisiana and Monroe. 

This was a money game for SU! Meaning, the school will pay Southern a fee for to usually get beat! 

It wasn’t the case this year! We lost 31-21 and we could have won but the team kept kicking those God-awful field goals! 

Enough about the game, let’s get into THE BAND! 

SU has theeeeeee best band in the land! It is known as the THE HUMAN JUKEBOX! Because when the band plays music, it sounds like a Jukebox. You can sing along! 

And let’s not forget the Fabulous Dancing Dolls! They are pure perfection! 

Since I live, 6-7 hours away – I won’t be going to any more SU games until Homecoming. And that’s really hard for me! 

Growing up, I was at EVERY GAME. My family had an RV. So we had a tailgate spot for every home game. When people came looking for us, they knew to come “Spot 52 by the light pole.” 

If there was an away game, my parents would check us out of school early so that we could travel to wherever the Southern Jaguars played. 

I have so many memories from tailgating at SU. Walking to Lacumba’s cage and hearing her roar (she was the live mascot), having tennis lessons next to the cage, rushing to pack up the food and make it into the game before Kick off, hanging out with family and friends after the game. I could go on! 

Every game day morning, we had pancakes, eggs, bacon, milk and orange juice for breakfast. My dad always made the breakfast. Because my mom usually cooked for the later meal, unless it was BBQ. My dad did the BBQ. 

Every game was a different meal. It was never the same and we never had basic food! My favorite meal was crawfish etoufée, fried fish, potato salad and whatever green vegetable we had. My mom always had to have a green vegetable!

That’s the only thing I don’t like about living in Dallas, if I stay here when I have kids – my kids won’t have the memories that my brother and me had. 

My family was even featured in The Advocate one year! The writer wrote on everything I mentioned. The food, family, friends and fun we had at Spot 52. Nobody does tailgating like Pauls! I’ll have to find the picture and share with you all! 

Here are a few pictures and videos from my experience tailgating and at the game on yesterday!

Shaq, Megan, Me, Melody
SU Human Jukebox spelled out #LIT

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