Leave Becky alone!

Chris Brown was arrested on the charge is assault with a deadly weapon. Read about the 3am 911 call, stand off, arrest and future court dates here

Is it just me or does this story have a lot of loose ends? None of it makes sense to me. 

1. Why would Chris Brown throw guns and drugs out of a window? I mean it’s beaucoup helicopters, drones and cameras outside. He can’t be that dumb…

2. The beauty queen was simply admiring jewelry and now, all of a sudden, she’s being asked to leave and has a gun held to her head? What sense does that make?! There’s more to this story. She probably was trying to steal it… 

3. What’s the definition of a standoff? Last time I checked – if the police don’t have a warrant and I’m in my house, that means they just outside and I’m inside.  

4. How many times do black men have to have their livelihood ruined to learn to leave them white women alone?!
Everything is all good in the hood until something goes wrong. 

Just like Colin Kaepernick… White people loved him. But now that he’s chosen to sit during the National Anthem – jerseys are being burned, he’s receiving injury and death threats. Don’t believe me? Go check his mentions on his Twitter page! 
Look at Tiger Woods… Have you heard of him since he divorced his wife? I don’t think he’s picked up a golf club since she picked up one…  

I could go down the list of careers that have been ruined and lives that have been lost at the hands of Becky’s because things didn’t go their way or their families found out they liked Jamal. 

I’m not knocking interracial love by any means. Because you love who you love, simple as that. HOWEVER, when are these black rappers, actors, athletes and regular folk going to learn?! Just know the risk associated when dealing with Becky’s. Because as soon as you upset them – they’ll be saying you raped or assaulted them. 

Have them sign agreements soon as they step in the door and have a no cell phone policy! Be posted up with the contract and pen like… 

But for now, all is well and Chris has been released. He posted $250,000 bail. His lawyer tweeted this earlier this morning. 

But the real tea is that Baylee Curran is a group lie who loves to hang out with celebrities and is ALSO friends with Nia Guzman who is his baby mama and y’all know that they stay in court fighting over Royalty. So was this a set up???

And there is apparently a warrant out for Miss California. In 2013, she was accused of grand theft and larceny. She stole someone’s Louis Vuitton purse that had cash and credit cards in it. 

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