Where are this child’s parents?!

Y’all he is at it again! Malachi Love-Robinson has been arrested. This time for larceny, fraud and grand theft, according to NBC Washington.   

Back in February, we first heard of this child being arrested for practicing medicine without a license, fraud, theft and faking a license. 

I always wanted to know… Who really would take medical advice from him?! We all know that ‘Black Don’t Crack’ but you can look at Dr. Love and see that he is no more than 17-20 years old!

Which brings me to another point.. How did he obtain a license, lease a building, hire and pay staff? I guess that’s where the fraud and larceny comes in – he has to pay his staff. 

Can you imagine working for him and then one day, you see him all over the television being arrested for posing as a doctor. 

Imagine the next interview. “So, tell me why you left your old job.” How do you respond to that? “My boss was a sociopath who pretended to be a doctor. He was arrested for fraud and now I’m seeking employment.” 

But no seriously, how can a teenager do all of this? He was 18 years old when he got arrested, which means he was underage doing all of this. 

Can someone please get this child some mental help? Let’s be honest… It’s not funny anymore… Not when he’s endangering people. 

And shame on everyone telling this boy to go after his dream. No. Stop it. That’s not how any of this works. He can go to college, graduate, study for the MCAT, pass, apply and be accepted into a medical school, complete residency and THEN he can open a practice like the people who racked up thousands of dollars in debt to pursue their dream. 

That’s what’s wrong with this new generation or as I like to call them ‘Certificate of Participation’ babies. They want recognition for what they’re supposed to be doing. 

I’m definitely not saying that he should be committing fraud and larceny but he needs to do the work. Obtaining a medical degree for Malachi might be tough seeing as though, he may be facing jail time. But I’m sure he’ll find a way, or make one. 

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