SPOILER ALERT: Could you stay married to a gay man? 

Spoiler Alert: I’ll be discussing the 08/24/2016 episode of the hit show, Greenleaf

Disclaimer: I have no problems with people who are LGBT. I support same sex marriage and I want everyone to be happy. So don’t come on here trolling… 

On last night’s episode , Kevin (Charity’s husband) confirmed what we all knew – he has feelings for men. Oh, but he doesn’t know if he’s gay. 

I kept wondering how their storyline would play out. At first, I didn’t realize that was her husband because I knew he was gay. 
Charity is pregnant with their twins and Kevin just broke the news to her after being in denial for some time. Before he informed her of this, she said they would be able to work through it but she just wanted the truth. Why do people say that/make promises before they know the truth?

I don’t think I could stay with a man who has feelings for men. Nope. I couldn’t. Say what you want. That’s not in my ministry. Sure, it’s a double standard because it’s not uncommon for women to ‘go back and forth.’ But nahhh… I couldn’t stay with a man that has feelings for men; because feelings and thoughts eventually turn into actions and decisions. 

I just can’t have that in my life. I’m not insecure; but, I can’t have that hanging over my head. Will my husband leave me for another man? Will I ever be enough? *Sidebar: I wonder how Donnie McClurkin’s fiancée feels…* Those are questions a woman should have to think about or have answered. 

This is why parents need to be open with their kids. Let them be happy. If they’re gay, let them gay. Let them live in their truth. And parents, you too. Live your truth. It’s okay to have a child that’s gay. Accepting it will make everyone’s life easier. 

Reminds of that Iyanla: Fix my Life episode where a minister married a single mother and turns out, he was gay. He cheated on her with multiple men. Turns out, he knew he was gay but married her because he was in denial. That’s where I draw the line. Don’t go bringing me and my children in your lies because that’s how people get hurt. Plenty of gay couples raise children and most of them turn out fine; it’s the ones raised in a home full of lies (whether the parents are gay or straight) that we have to worry about. 

This is why Snapped has new episodes every Sunday. Because people like to lie. Just be honest with yourself – you’ll be able to sleep so much better. 

It’s 2016. Ain’t nothing wrong with being gay. It’s perfectly okay. 

I said that all to say, as a woman – could you be with a man that has either had feelings for me or was once gay and is now straight? 

Let me know!

6 thoughts on “SPOILER ALERT: Could you stay married to a gay man? 

  1. Smh nope nope nope! Soon as he said he had feelings for a man that’s a problem and nor me or my health want any parts of that! Yes it’s a double standard but too much to bear and I’m not the one who wants to share a man period! With another woman or man!

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  2. I couldn’t date/marry/or be with someone I feel may like the same sex. Although a woman dating and marrying and being in love with a woman isn’t uncommon but in the same sex women relationships I’ve seen majority all of them one or both goes back to dating men. A man in love with another man to me is much deeper then a woman being a little bicurious. Mentally I wouldn’t be able to handle it or stomach it( Not saying that a man being with a man is the most disgusting thing in the world ). I don’t understand why to this day they have so many undercover men in a society that now accept gays with open arms, a society that forces a gay agenda even on Disney channel. They have so many feminine men WHO ARE THEY DATING? WHO ARE THEY SKEEPING WITH Surely not each other. If you’re ashamed of what you’re doing for whatever reason why are you continuing to do it🤔

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  3. Absolutely not to both questions. And in this day and age that is a question you need to outright ask WHILE dating and getting to know each other and before you fall in love. You just slip that right in there after asking him if he has any siblings or is favorite color. And I’ll ask him without even batting an eyelash! I need to hear and SEE his response!

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