To be on time, is to be late. To be early, is to be on time. 

I wish I had this kind of money. When I’m bored, just do random shit. 

Nick Cannon has to be bored out of his mind to randomly enroll at Howard University. 

I hope his classes don’t interfere with The Voice or Wild N Out tapings. That would put professors in an awkward position… 

He says he wants the ‘full college experience.’ So….. 

Will Nick try out for the band? Is he gonna be shining drums, taking solos, causing fights, dating the dancers?

What will he pledge? I can see him being a Kappa. Carrying that lil empty briefcase they all get after they cross! 

Is he staying on campus? Can you imagine having Nick Cannon as your roommate?  

If he can’t find a babysitter, is he gonna bring Roc & Roe with him to class? 

Let me know what you think! 

But all shade aside, congratulations to him. Education is key! 

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