This morning reminded me of my Big Mama

Usually my blog post ideas come to me about 4am and I’ll write it when it’s fresh on my mind and then tweak it once I get to work. 

This morning. Nothing. 

So I started praying. For my parents dealing with everything they are going through with the flood, my brother and his grad school teaching assistant position, my family members who are grieving and dealing with sicknesses, my friends having issues at work, my friends who are expecting mothers, my line sisters, everyone I’m connected with on social media. I asked God to cover them. Then I asked God to cover me. My weightloss journey, my job, my blog and its future. 

Then I was able to go back to sleep. 

Usually when I wake up, I listen to Anita Baker or trap music to help me get ready for work. 

Not this morning. 

I put on my gospel playlist. I listened to The Battle is Not Yours, God Blocked It, Encourage Yourself. 

It reminded of when I spent nights with my Big Mama in Ville Platte. She’d wake up around 4am, get on her knees and start praying. The Our Father was always first then she’d begin praying in a voice like the preacher did when he got towards the end of his sermon. That’s how her entire prayer was. Then she’d start tapping her feet and humming old Negro spirituals. Once she was finished praying, she’d go make breakfast. 

So this morning, I channeled my “inner Lucy” as my family calls it. She’s battling Alzheimer’s now and I’m sure she doesn’t remember those mornings when I listened to her pray. But I do. 

Needless to say, I’ve been in a great mood all morning. I know it’s only 8:15am but let’s be honest – when you work in a call center, that’s a long time. 

I hope everyone has a blessed day. We’re only two days from the weekend! 

Encourage yourself 

2 thoughts on “This morning reminded me of my Big Mama

  1. The lady Bre talks about today is my Bigmamma too….. She is truly a warrior spiritually and physically… Although when we visit she doesn’t Remember us, but definitely we remember her spiritually attibutes and great faith…. God first… My Big is awesome 🙏🏾

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