Tamar and Vince 

Chileeeeeeeee Tamar and her husband Vince Herbert have been involved in a domestic violence incident where the police were called! 

This past weekend at the Ritz Carlton inY’all they say that Vince BIT Tamar. So she called the police. I don’t know who raised him but you gotta be a real bitch to bite somebody in a fight. Now she may need stitches. 

Vince was not arrested because he fled the scene before the police showed up. Tamar also refused EMS care. Typical… 

If y’all remember a few weeks back (before LetsBreHonest was created) there was a story out that they were heading to Divorce Court but then the next day she posted a video singing ‘Always be my Baby’ in Vince’s ear leading us to believe that everything was back on track. 

Apparently this is not the first domestic violence incident, it seems that everyone knows they fist fight on occasion. 

Umm I don’t know about y’all but I’m not fist fighting no grown ass man. Everyone should keep their hands to themselves. But if anyone hits anyone (male or female) then they deserve to get popped back. 

All of these problems stem from Tamar being dropped from her record label, fired from The Real and got a new manager. 

Click here for more details. Let’s all pray for the Herbert’s!!

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