You can’t eat from everybody…

Let me say this… I am so very thankful for my job and most days I actually like my peers. But… 

Why does my job insist on having potlucks? Every week, it’s a random ‘National Food Holiday’ and they want us to bring in food to celebrate. Never mind the fact that I’m on a strict meal plan and thanks to one of my trainers, unless it’s 4-6oz protein and 2 cups of veggies – I can’t eat it! 

Let’s get into how some people don’t have the cleanest homes and/or pets that like to sleep in the cabinets but be the MAIN ones that want to cook from home. 
Your coworkers will tell you about their 5 cats or dogs, pets that are pests or domesticated wild animals and still offer to bring food from their home for you to partake. Let’s be honest, do you think I’m going to eat ANYTHING from someone when they have more than 3 cats or complain about their dog shedding? 

One of my peers casually told us in conversation, “The only reason this shirt isn’t full of dog hair because I got it straight from the dryer.” But you want me to eat your food? Negative… 

Cats love to climb. They find solace in mixing bowls inside of the cabinets or on top of the refrigerator. They shed horribly. Just not an ideal pet for someone who loves to cook and share food. Don’t get me wrong, dogs are just as bad. Some people see no problem in letting their dog lick off their plate or share silverware. “What’s the problem? I’m going to wash it?” There are soooooo many problems.

Look at this video! How much do you want to bet he is cooking something that he’s bringing to work? 

And this one too – who thought this was okay?! Cats all up and through the kitchen… 😝

Don’t get me wrong, I know food in the workplace boosts morale. I’m all for team building. We can team build with takeout or delivery. After learning about numerous cats, hair dogs and wild animals – I am not too keen on eating other people’s home cooked food at work. 

I ‘politely’ informed my coworkers that I would not be participating in potlucks. Unless, the food is prepackaged and I am the first in line to fix my food. Don’t turn your nose up! You know people like to eat chips out of a bag like they are at home and dig their nasty hand in the bag and return it like nothing happened. 

Seriously I had to have that conversation with one of my peers. He took the bag of chips back to his desk and was eating out of the bag like he brought them from home. I think they were Doritos. So of course he was licking his fingers and digging his nasty hands back in the bag. When he finished, he brought them back to the break area. This is how the conversation went: 

Me – why are you bringing those back? 

Him – oh because I don’t want anymore. 

Me – but you put your hand in the bag repeatedly.

Him – how else was I supposed to get them. 

Me – 😑 

In my head I thought, HOW ABOUT A NAPKIN?! But I didn’t want to say anything or be portrayed as the ‘angry black woman’ but that’s another post for another day, so I just let it go. 

We have a Food Day this week and guess what?! We’re getting take out. Winning! I mean by the time everyone donates $5-$10, we can have food delivered and no one has to lug crockpots or aluminum pans on the elevator.

So let’s just order takeout from now on because no, I don’t want your food.  


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