Why TF you lying?

Anybody else just watch Ryan Lochte’s interview with Matt Lauer on NBC?

Matt was too calm for me. I needed someone who was little bit more inquisitive to interrogate Ryan Lochte’s ass! They should have had Al Roker interview him because he was letting his co-hosts have it. (Watch here

Call it what you want, but this is WHITE PRIVILEGE at its finest. 

You ruin a place of business, then when the owner demands you pay for the damages and points a gun at you because you were being belligerent – you say YOU were robbed. WTF?! Let’s be honest, Brazil is not the United States. He’s lucky he able to talk to Matt with his new hair color and didn’t have to fly back in a body bag!! I’ve never been to Brazil but from what I hear, the police play NO games! 

Meanwhile it’s unarmed black males getting killed out here for playing with toy guns and carrying Arizona tea and skittles. 

And Gabby Douglas getting criticized for not putting her hand over her heart during National Anthem but two white male athletes (and GW Bush/Donald Trump) were not. Hmm… I know these are unrelated events but the privilege still prevails. It’s a privilege because ‘they’ don’t even know they have it. 

Let Simone Biles, Simone Manuel or Carmelo Anthony trash a place like the way Ryan and his teammates did… Wouldn’t be no gold medals! No more gymnastics, swimming or basketball!!

Watch the interview here

Watch the footage of the incident here

S/o to his PR rep for this new haircut

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