“Bre… Your luck can’t be this bad!”

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I do not have the best track record with vehicles. It’s not my fault! I swear! It’s like my car, or rather me – has a magnet. 

I moved to Dallas in May 2014 and today was my 3rd car accident. Neither of the three were my fault. The first a Pappadeaux truck hit me and I used the settlement check on bundles and braces. The second, a nurse backed into my car inside the parking garage at Baylor Hospital, totaling it and I got Faith (my new car). Then today, a teenage driver backed into my car in the parking lot of Shell Shack in Arlington. 

Anyway, today I wasn’t feeling well. So after my doctor’s appointment, I decided to pay a visit to my grandparents because they have me spoiled rotten. Until…my Aunt Shelly (who’s in the Navy and moving to London soon) called and said she needed a ride from dropping her car off to get shipped overseas to the airport.  
She wanted to pay a visit to her homegirl who just buried her son after a tragic car accident. So we decided to go to Shell Shack and bring the bereaved some food. Because in the South, you can’t visit someone who’s grieving without food, foliage or funds.

Anyways… I pull into the parking lot. A white SUV is in front of us. I guess she found a parking spot and decided to back up so she could turn in. I was a good 4-5 feet behind her. As soon as I see her brake lights flash, I honk my horn. Did that accomplish anything? Nope. The driver rams the gas and before I knew it – she’s backed into the front of Faith. 

As soon as we catch our breath, Aunt Shelly exclaims, “Bre…. Your luck can’t be this bad! Come onnnnnn!” Then she flies out of Faith to assess the damage and dials 911. I wait inside my car for the driver to approach me. She says “OMG I didn’t see your car. There’s no damage to it. It’s just to your license plate.” So me being Bre, I get out and see that my license plate is hanging on like a 4 week old glued on track and my grill is slightly broken. I reply, “Oh no. I’ll need your license, registration and insurance.”

Now mind you this is the middle of a parking lot while other cars are passing. So the driver hops in her car and starts driving off. I jump in Faith and follow her, leaving my aunt who is still behind talking to the 911 dispatcher. She starts running, waving her arms and yelling, “HIT AND RUN! HIT AND RUN!” She’s wearing a long maxi dress and wedge sandals. *I just wanted to give y’all a visual.* So finally I catch up to her and the driver said she was driving to find a parking spot to get out of the way. Uh huh, yeah right… 

Texas has stupid laws regarding car accidents. I guess because so many happen. So the police did not come; they don’t come unless there’s an injury or fatality. The 911 dispatcher informed us to handle it ourselves. We exchange information, take pictures of insurance and driver’s licenses, etc. 

My last wreck, the other driver wrote her number on a piece of paper and of course the phone number did not work. So this time, I had the driver call me from her phone. Because I wasn’t taking any chances this time! 

After all of that, we walk inside Shell Shack and order the boiled shrimp and crab legs.  Aunt Shelly ordered me a drink (which was not apart of my meal plan). And that was it!  

But, I still have Faith! 
Aunt Shelly and me as I’m dropping her off at the airport. This is not my good side. 

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