Okay….. *insert Waka Flocka meme*

Is it just me? 

Is it just me or do you feel ‘some type of way’ when people volunteer information to you? In my head, I’m like “okay but did I ask?” Like they’re bragging about their life. You open up the conversation with a simple, “How are you?” and most people reply with a one word reply, “Ok, Fine, Good, Well or you may get the occasional Blessed and Highly Favored.” 

But it’s always that ONE person that feels the need to tell you all about their life. Not just like about a migraine they have but about their financial woes, their relationship problems and what they’re having for dinner. 

I don’t know why but random people I meet feel the need to tell me about their life and ask for advice. My life is in shambles, not really but really. I can not help you. I swear I could be in the grocery store picking out fruit and someone will come to me telling me about their life. Maybe it’s my face? I thought I had the perfect RBF mastered. Guess not…

For example, today I had an orthodontist appointment and one of the assistants kept volunteering her life story to me. By the time she finished changing my wire, I knew enough info to reset her Facebook password. 

Somehow we got on the topic of where she lived. Let’s be honest… This is Dallas, very few people actually live IN Dallas. So when she said, “I don’t live here” – I assumed she lived in maybe McKinney, Fort Worth or Grand Prairie. I was not expecting her to say, “oh I live in Europe.” 

Then she went on to say, “yeah my husband plays basketball overseas so we live in Europe. I’m just here for the summer to have my baby.” All I could say was, “oh… okay.” Nothing else. 

Maybe it’s because I’m single with no kids or pets, but I don’t just go out volunteering mundane details about my life. 

I’ve been told I had a welcoming face. I don’t know how. My dad always got on me for giving him the 😐 face when he reprimanded me. Maybe I should work on it…. 

So y’all let me know, is it just me?  

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