Bishop Eddie Long is on “that stuff” 

Y’all. WTH is going on with Bishop Eddie Long?! 

He says he stopped eating from a “slave menu” and attributes THAT to his drastic weightloss. He also claims that he is vegan. Umm… I know plenty fat vegans/ vegetarians and some healthy looking ones too. So umm… Bishop, QUIT LYING! 

Stevie Wonder can see this man is clearly on drugs. Either that, or he had gastric/sleeve bypass. I feel some type of way about people who choose to have that surgery. To me, it’s a cop out. I’m fat. I get in the gym and meal prep. Sure my weightloss progress is slower but it’s healthy. I didn’t and won’t lose weight because my stomach was cut in pieces. 

Now that I got that off my chest, let’s get back to the topic at hand. 

Because of his “raw vegetable” diet, he says he’s now going to live to be 100 years old, maybe longer. I hope the Lord says the same.

Either way, this man did not lose all that weight by not eating Popeyes or a slave menu. You can tell in his neck that the weightloss was drastic. 

Tell me what you think! 

Click here to see the video: 

2 thoughts on “Bishop Eddie Long is on “that stuff” 

  1. He looks unhealthy my aunt is a vegetarian and doesn’t look like this. I use to weight 225 pounds and I weight 173 on a good. It was hard and is hard work and weight didn’t disappear overnight …. Thou shall not lie🙅🏿

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